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3 Big Hazards For Your Pets During The Upcoming Holiday Season

Are you the owner of one or more pets? Do you find yourself excited by the end of summer because it means that the holiday season is just around the corner? The holiday season is a great time for friends and family to get together and celebrate another year going by. Unfortunately, the holiday season can also be extremely hazardous for your pets. In order to ensure that your pets remain happy and healthy, it's important to know what dangers that you should be watching out for this holiday season.

Diagnosing Canine Urinary Disease: You Are Your Dog's Greatest Ally

You likely don't spend a lot of time worrying about the health of your dog's urinary tract. Your dog's urinary system can be a source of problems from minor irritations to renal disease or certain cancers. But your dog's urinary system is not just a source of problems, it and its urinary output are a treasure chest of diagnostic information and a vital diagnostic tool for many diseases and conditions. 

How To Protect Your Cat Against Heartworms

Whether your cat stays indoors all the time or goes outside, heartworm disease is an always present danger. This disease is spread through mosquito bites. Since a small number of mosquitoes can enter your home when you open a door, your cat is always at risk. Here's a look at heartworm disease in cats, how it's treated, and how you can keep your cat from getting heartworms. How Heartworm Disease Spreads

Why Is My Dog Eating Grass?

Dogs do all type of things that you may not understand, like chase their tails, or relieve themselves in the neighbor's yard instead of yours. These are just a few things that may boggle your mind a bit when it comes to your furry pal. Another one that you may not understand is why your dog is eating grass every time he goes outside. This one has an explainable answer, though.

Dog Boarding Vs. In-Home Sitting: Which Is Right For You?

While it is possible to travel with a dog, it's not always ideal to do so. As a result, you may need to make a difficult choice as you prepare for an upcoming trip. Should you hire a pet sitter to stop in and check on your dog, or should you bring your dog to a boarding facility? While there is no universal answer regarding which option is "better," there are some considerations to keep in mind that may help you determine which is best for you.

Paws For Concern: Common Problems That Could Affect Your Dog's Paws

Your feet experience a great deal of stress and tension over time, so you may develop issues that require treatment from a food doctor. Unfortunately, your dog's paws will also experience some stress, requiring medical treatment even though they are unable to communicate their pain or discomfort. If you have a dog, pausing for a few moments to understand the possible dangers that may affect their paws is smart. Here are a few common problems that may affect your dog's paws.

Shake! Why Watching Your Dog Shake Isn't Always A Good Thing

If your dog has started shaking uncontrollably for no apparent reason, there could be a problem that you don't know about. Dogs usually shake to get water off of them, or to let you know that they're excited to see you. However, dogs will also use shaking as a way to let you know that they've got a problem they need you to fix. If you've ruled out wetness, and you haven't gone anywhere in a while, it's time to rule out other causes for your dogs shaking.

3 Things You Must Do Before Bringing Home A New Pet

Do you have a young child who has been demanding to be able to get a pet? Are you considering agreeing to their demands and bringing a new dog or cat into your family's life? Although it can be both fun and rewarding, pet ownership is more than simply bringing home a new puppy or kitten and hoping that everything falls into place from there. In order to be a successful pet owner, there are a number of things that you should do first.

When Should You Consider Taking Your Pet To An Emergency Pet Hospital

Even if you have a regular vet that you like taking your pet to, there may come a time when you need to visit an emergency pet hospital. To help you know when that time might be, you will want to review the following information. Your Pet Is No Longer Walking Steady It might appear as though they are swaying from side to side or your pet could be literally walking into walls.

Three Possible Reasons Why Your Cat Is Pulling Out Clumps Of Its Fur

It's not uncommon to see a cat groom itself and accidentally lick up a bit of loose fur, but if your cat is physically yanking out its own hair, that's a problem. Cats should never rip out their own fur, so don't ignore this warning sign of a potential problem. Here are three of the most common causes for cats yanking their own hair out. Stress Stressed animals often have erratic behavior.

Tips For Selecting The Right Pet Grooming Salon For Your Pet

Dogs greatly benefit from being groomed. Some dogs require grooming every month or two in order to keep their fur in good condition, while short-haired breeds may only need to be groomed a couple of times a year. No matter what breed of dog you have, selecting a reputable pet groomer who you can trust is essential. For most people, their dogs become a part of the family, so it is natural to want your dog to have the best grooming experience possible.

3 Summer Health Risks For Your Dog

Summer is a great time of year for dogs and dog lovers. You and your furry friend can enjoy the warm weather by playing outside, going to the dog park, or simply taking a nice walk through the neighborhood. While summer may be an enjoyable time of the year, it can also present unique health risks, especially to dogs. Below are a few risks that could lead to injury, illness, or even death.

Dental Care Guidelines for Dog Owners

Dental problems are not an issue that is limited to humans. It can be possible for your beloved pet to suffer a number of serious dental issues as a result of improper care. For new dog owners, it can be particularly important to care for their animal's teeth as dogs can be prone to chewing on hard materials or other items that could harm weakened teeth. Appreciate the Need to Keep Your Dog's Teeth Clean

4 Things You and Your Dog Should Never Go Into the Wilderness Without

Having a four-legged activity partner adds a whole new dimension of fun to outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, and boating. But many people erroneously believe that all you need to pack for your furry friend is a couple of dog treats and they're good to go. However, mishaps can and do happen when enjoying the great outdoors, and it's better to be prepared than to be in need of something when you're out in the wilderness.

3 Important Steps Before Bringing Home A New Pet

Do you have a child who has been asking you for a pet? Are you considering giving in and allowing him or her to get a cat or a dog? Having a pet can be a great learning experience for any child. Not only can the animal provide companionship, it can also teach various aspects of responsibility and caring. But before you go out in search of the perfect furry friend for your family, there are some things that you should take care of first.

What Should You Do If Your Dog Has Consumed a Poison?

Canines can surely get themselves into a lot of trouble, and this is one reason why emergency vets and 24-hour animal hospitals are available to provide care. One definite problem that can lead to one of these emergency visits is when your canine eats something that is poisonous. Toxic substances can be found both inside and outside the home, and there are a few things you should do as soon as possible if you think a toxin has been consumed.

3 Alternative Animal Therapies To Consider For Your Suffering Dog

Whether you don't like traditional medicine or it just doesn't seem to be doing the trick, alternative animal therapies can provide your dog with a whole-body healing approach while addressing the root cause of the disease instead of just treating the symptoms. Here are three different types of alternative pet therapies that you may want to consider for your chronically ill dog. 1. Hydrotherapy Hydrotherapy is an alternative treatment to high-impact exercises.

Here's Why Not Eating Is Dangerous For Cats

Everyone has gone through a period of time where they didn't want to eat, whether due to illness, fasting, or religious purposes. However, while this is typically a safe thing for humans to do, it isn't for cats. If your cat hasn't eaten in a day, it's time to seek medical attention. Here's why. How a Cat's Body Works Cats, like humans, take in calories and nutrients when they eat and store the excess that they don't need right now in their bodies.